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47th KYIV IFF "MOLODIST" - OCTOBER 21-29, 2017


Boat Meeting. Application Opened

The Boat Meeting is an international co-production market which offers an opportunity for ambitious filmmakers to present their first or second feature film projects to the international film industry. The Boat Meeting will take place as a part of the 46th Kyiv Molodist IFF. The language of the Boat Meeting is English. Participants will have an opportunity to collaborate with other professional...

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Ukrainian Films to be Screened at UK’s Biggest Shorts Festival

Kyiv IFF Molodist in partnership with the British Council in Ukraine will present a special programme Ukrainian Focus at the Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival in Bristol (UK) on 20-25 September 2016. The programme consists of three sections: Myroslav Slaboshpytaskiy Retrospective, Focus on Ukrainian Female Filmmakers, and Best of Molodist. Ukrainian Focus programme aims to introduce ...

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Press Accreditation Opened!

Kyiv international film festival "Molodist" Kyiv (Ukraine).  Festival history:   46TH MOLODIST KIFF PRESS ACCREDITATION OPEN   Dear journalists, We would like to invite you to register and apply for a Press Pass for the 46th Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival which will be held from October 22 until...

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"Week of Israeli movies"

"Week of Israeli movies"  opens on September 8 and will take place in five Ukrainian cities. For the fourth year running, this event is organized by the Israeli Embassy in Ukraine and Kyiv International Film Festival “Molodist.” Israeli cinema represents an accumulation of international traditions, subcultures and the creativity of many generations. The program f...

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Memorandum of Cooperation between Kyiv City State Administration and Molodist KIFF – New Opportunities for Kyiv City and Molodist

An updated format of Molodist-46 Kyiv International Film Festival was presented at the press conference held in the news agency Ukrinform on July 15. The Memorandum of Cooperation between Molodist KIFF and Kyiv City State Administration signed the day before provides new opportunities for promoting Kyiv as a tourist city and conducting the festival at a whole new level.  The following spea...

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Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival and Kyiv City State Administration signed the Memorandum of Cooperation

Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival and Kyiv City State Administration signed the Memorandum of Cooperation. This document will be a roadmap for a new updated format of Molodist, in particular, cultural and artistic project – an open-air Molodist-46 Festival Area. The meeting took place at Kyiv City State Administration building. The Memorandum was signed by Vitali Klitschko, Mayor of ...

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Molodist KIFF Introduced ‘Shoot & Play’ Contest to Students of Kyiv Small Academy of Sciences

Representatives of Molodist team and PC "Ukrplastic" introduced ‘Shoot & Play’ contest to students of Kyiv Small Academy of Sciences. A winner of the contest will receive a cash prize amounting to $1,000. Bogdan Zhuk ,‘Shoot&Play’ Program Coordinator, Dmytro Abramov, Molodist Administrative Director, and Elena Zagorodniuk, "Molodist for Kids" ...

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«Shoot&Play» for Kids!

Molodist for Kids and a New Contest of Instagram Shorts «Shoot & Play» Combine Together Representatives of Molodist KIFF visited the International Children’s Center Artek, which now operates in Pushcha-Vodytsya near Kyiv. Dmytro Abramov, Molodist Administrative Director, Bogdan Zhuk, Program Coordinator of «Shoot & Play» contest at Molodist KIFF, and Olena ...

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The most interesting films of International Film Festival Karlovy Vary will be shown at the 46th Molodist KIFF

The 51st International Film Festival is taking place in Karlovy Vary (the Czech Republic). This year, it runs from July 1 to July 9. During this time, the festival will show 180 films. The official opening film of the 51st KVIFF is war drama “Anthropoid” about World War II in the Czech Republic. Leading film and theatre actor Willem Dafoe, a two-time Oscar nominee is this year’s ...

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Deadline for Submissions to Molodist KIFF Extended!

Deadline for International Competition - July 15, 2016 Deadline for National Competition - August 1, 2016 According to Molodist regulations, entries are received for the international competition program of the festival consisting of the three categories: Student’s film (fiction, documentary, animation) (up to 45′). First professional short film (fiction, doc...

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"The Guide," “The Living Fire”, "Chernobyl. Future Zone" are in Italy!

Andriy Khalpakhchi, General Director of Molodist KIIF, presented Ukrainian documentary ‘Chernobyl. Future Zone’ (directed by Oleg Karnasyuk, produced by Maxim Mykytas), "The Guide " by Oles Sanin and “The Living Fire” by Ostap Kostyuk at the 14th International Film Festival on the island of Ischia (Italy). Ukrainian films were presented at Ischia IFF for the first...

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Vladyslav Liasovskyi: "Film Festival is a tough business"

Vladyslav Liasovskyi, Executive Director of Molodist KIFF, told the Economic news newspaper about feature film festival market, why public funding is vital to any festival, as well as about funding opportunities for film festival. Vladyslav Liasovskyi: "Today, our challenge is to show the state agencies that any cent invested in Molodist KIFF will bring hundred cents and even more. We want...

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New Italian Cinema was shown in Ukraine

Ten most recent films of different genres of New Italian Cinema shown in four cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv and Odessa. On June 10, New Italian Cinema started in Lviv Copernicus Cinema. The program opened with movie "I, Harlequin" (directed by Matteo Bini, Giorgio Pazotti), that was presented by Anna Pastore, Director of Italian Institute of Culture, and Alberto di Mauro, Cur...

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Three Ukrainian films will be shown within the Ukrainian Focus program at the 14th Ischia International Film Festival (Italy) to be held from June 25 to July 2. The three films include historical drama by Oles Sanin “The Guide” and two documentaries – “Chornobyl” (director – O.Karnasiuk) and “The Living Fire” (...

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Cinema. Italy. Molodist

A week of NEW ITALIAN CINEMA has opened on June 8th in the Kyiv Cinema in the capital city. It will also take place in three other Ukrainian cities: From June 10th – Lviv – Kinopalats Kopernik  From June 16th — Kharkiv – 8 ½ Cinema From June 24th – Odessa – Inoteatr   Organizers: Kyiv International Film Festival MOLODIST Ita...

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MOLODIST KIFF launches competition of Instagram shorts Shoot&Play

One minute for showing the world your moment of youth! Everyone has their own youth: it rushes by on a speed bike, jokes in the circle of best friends, reminds of itself at lectures in beloved uni, streams through fun and adventures, beats in your heart near that one and only person. Youth is friends and love, it’s studies and first career steps, it’s hobbies and vacations, it&rsquo...

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New Italian Cinema

NEW ITALIAN CINEMA will start on June 8. The event will be organized jointly by Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival, Italian Culture Institute (Instituto Italiano di Cultura) and N.I.C.E. (New Italian Cinema Events). The program will include the brand new films from the motherland of Carbonara and Lambrusco, among which – the winners of International Film Festi...

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Cannes. Molodist. Conclusions.

The Ukrainian Pavilion was open at the 69-th Cannes IFF Film market from May 11 to May 20. It was organized by Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival and the Ukrainian State Film Agency. The Pavilion partners were PC Ukrplastic and Ukraine International Airlines.  During activities at the Ukrainian Pavilion, over 300 copies of catalogs of Ukrainian films 2015-2016 we...

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