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47TH KYIV IFF "MOLODIST" -  27.05 - 03.06.18.


The Magnificent Seven on the seventh day of “Molodist”

The 46th Film Festival “Molodist” continues to entertain the audience with interesting festival events and screenings of exquisite films. In the morning, Kyiv Cinema held a press screening of the film “Boris Without Beatrice” by the Canadian director Denis Coté. It is a painful, but deeply philosophical film about the relationship between relatives, friends and lo...

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The winner of the competition program Sunny Bunny

On the night of 28th of October at the 46th party KIFF "Molodist'' Sunny Bunny Awards Night, which was held at the Dovzhenko Center, the winners of the competition program - "Sunny Bunny" became known.                 Sunny Bunny Best Film Taekwondo dir. Marco Berger, Martin Farina, Argentina 2016, 105&rsq...

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Feature competition. Press Conference: “Modern filmmakers are looking for a new cinematic language”

The Cinematheque Hall of Kyiv Cinema held a press conference with the participants of the feature competition. The event was moderated by Svitlana Korotkova, who started the conversation by saying that “the festival program this year interesting and intense, and almost all films in the feature competition were based on original scripts.”          ...

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Premiere: 90 minutes with Mustafa Dzhemilev at “Molodist”

On October 28, the Kyiv Cinema will host a premiere of the documentary “Mustafa”. The film will be presented in the program “Ukrainian premieres” at the Kyiv International Film Festival “Molodist”. Work on the film began in February 2015 and lasted for half a year. Although initially the project’s team sought to create a full-length documentary, the for...

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The Fifth Day of “Molodist’46”: start of the National competition and premiere of #FutureInThePast

Education and Culture Centre “Master Class”, as a venue for festival events, continues to delight cinephiles with interesting meetings and conversations with filmmakers. Today it hosted a Pitching of projects from young Ukrainian directors for the German Short Film Association (AG Kurzfilm). The Blue Hall of Kyiv Cinema cordially greeted the audience that came to see the Ukrainian p...

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Equator of Milodist: the summary

Kyiv International Film Festival “Molodist” opened at the Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theatre. For the next eight days, the cinephiles of Kyiv immersed themselves into the world of cinema. The festival reached its equator, so let us remember the most significant and most interesting events so far. The first day of the festival presented the program “Illienko '80...

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Leonid Parfenov will present the film “Russian jews” at “Molodist”

On October 27 at 19:00 thenon-competitionprogram“Special Events”willpresentthedocumentarybyLeonidParfenov“Russian Jews”. Thisisthefirstpartof a documentarytrilogyabouttheformationoftheJewish communityinRussia. Afterthefilm,Leonid Parfenov willbe available for a Q&A withtheaudienceandapressbriefing. Plan of the event: 19:00 –presentation of the film &ldquo...

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“Molodist” has presented its television format

The festival “Molodist” and the Independent Association of Broadcasters will hold a competition program “Telemolodist”. This new form of cooperation was presented at the media party at the “Olympic” restaurant.               The executive director of KIFF Vladyslav Liasovskyi thanked the media partners o...

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To all accredited guests of Molodist!

You have a dream to shoot own film, but have no idea how to start? Once heard the word `pithc` perhaps don`t know the meaning? Want to see how does professionals work? Come on 28th of October at 10:00 in INVERIA Floe Space 49A Volodymyrska st. Where our participants will compete for main prize certificate on 10 000$ USD for postproduction from Star Media will compete 5 projects.&n...

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Andrea Wink: “The first thing I want to know is the director’s motivation for making their film”

As part of the “Talent Workshop” of the “Molodist” festival, the German Short Film Association AG Kurzfilm conducted a training: “How to communicate your ideas to the audience”.           The German Short Film Association was founded in May 2002 to represent and lobby for German short films. The mission of the associati...

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Today’s special event – “Mariupolis”, October 25, 21:00, Kyiv Cinema.

Lithuanian director Mantas Kvedaravicius came to “Molodist” to present his new film.                   Mariupolis is city, which is home to around half a million people, is in anticipation of war: for someone it is a pretext to aggression, for others - the best time to repair shoes and rehearse new...

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Márta Mészáros: “Heroes never die!”

Márta Mészáros has time for everyone at “Molodist”: not only did she present her film “The Unburied Corpse”, but she also shared her directorial experience at the press conference and an interview at  Premier Hotel Lybid             Mészáros’ film “The Unburied Corpse&rdqu...

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Jacques Martineau: “I don’t dare call myself a maestro – I did not set out to be a filmmaker, it happened by accident.”

On October 24, Education and Culture Centre “Master Class” within the “Talent Workshop” of the Molodist Film Festival, hosted an interactive discussion with the French director and screenwriter Jacques Martineau.               At the beginning of the meeting, Jacques stressed that he works in collaboration with his ...

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Molodist Night of Horrors

For the first time the film festival “Molodist” will be presenting a program of horror movies. Until October 28, the Kyiv cinemas will screen one film a day. But if you want to fully immerse yourself into the eerie world of horror, on Friday, October 28th, the best films of “Horrors of Molodist” will be screened in the underground cellar of the 13th pavilion of the Exhib...

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I don’t do anything, if I don’t know why I’m doing it – Ben Sharrock

Member of the International jury, British screenwriter and director Ben Sharrock gave a master class in the form of a dialogue in the Culture and Education Center “Master class” as part of the program “Talent Workshop” at KIFF “Molodist”.       How did Ben Sharrock get the realization about his first film? Practical advice: Find ...

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Celebrating the opening of the program “Molodist for Kids”

Zhovten Cinema opened its doors for the annual children’s competition program “Molodist for Kids”. The children’s jury included Sofia Rol, who will represent Ukraine at Junior Eurovision, Antonio Johnson Brasileiro, pianist and winner of international competitions, actress Daria Kocherkova, pianist Elvira Chan Yuchzhen and winner of the international circus competition D...

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46th Molodist KIFF Program

Download 46th Molodist KIFF Program

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SUNNY BUNNY Competition Théo & Hugo in the same boat/ Théo & Hugo dans le même bateau, Dir. Olivier Ducastel, Jaques Martineau France, 2016, 97’ Théo and Hugo meet in a sex club. Their bodies meet, interlace and melt in a passionate embrace. Intoxicated with desire, in the ecstasy of their first meeting, the two guys watch the birth of their ...

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