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47TH KYIV IFF "MOLODIST" -  27.05 - 03.06.18.

"Molodist. Prologue-47" has opened! Diary of the first day of the special festival event.

"Molodist. Prologue-47" has opened! Diary of the first day of the special festival event.

"Molodist. Prologue-47" has opened! Diary of the first day of the special festival event.

National competition. Ukrainian short films.

The screenings of the first and second part of the National competition of short films were on Saturday.

Traditionally, after screenings, there was a press conference with the directors.

In "Cinematheque" Hall there were the directors meeting with the audience, whose films were presented in the first two parts of the National Competition - Pavlo Ostrikov ("Graduation ’97"), Kateryna Gornostai ("Lilac"), Yura Katynsky ("Aftertaste"), Anna Smoliy ("Intent") and Novruz Hikmet ("Maria").

"We are friends, though we have different tastes and ways in Ukrainian cinematography," young artists say. "It's good because such a diversity allows our cinema to develop."

The contestants told the audience from which ideas their films began, how the actors were selected and the names of the films appeared. The viewers were also interested in the peculiarities of characters of the main characters of the films and the subtleties of director's work. "The director is responsible to everyone, in particular, to the colleagues who have joined this process," Anna Smoliy emphasised. "He must ensure a clear process organization and proper quality of a film. However, the most important task is to bring the project to the finish, to the auditorium."

«Tevye's Daughters»

"Molodist. Prologue-47" opened with a press screening of Volodymyr Lert's film "Tevye's Daughters". Then there was a press conference with the authors of the film.

"I am very happy with an opportunity to open the festival with this film. Every festival, no matter how international it was, must promote its own film industry. For all these years, we did not often succeed in opening it with the Ukrainian film, and when I saw the picture "Tevye's Daughters", I said immediately it was the very film we need," emphasised Andriy Khalpakhchi, Director General of Kyiv IFF Molodist.

Yuriy Karnovskyi, producer of the film, noted that they have decided to concentrate not only on distribution, but also to release the film in other countries in order to maximise their audience and to get through to the hearts of compatriots, who are abroad.

FILM IN KYIV. Industry Discussion in a co-working "Creative Quarter"

The industry discussion «Film in Kyiv» took place in a co-working Creative Quarter. In a location with a magnificent panorama of the central quarters outside the window, the participants discussed the role of a city in creating the atmosphere and transmitting audiovisual content. The leading experts have shown to the participants the most interesting shots in the commercials of international brands and clips of foreign performers, in which Kyiv locations "played" their part.

"Out task is to popularise Kyiv in the world. Pleasantly, there is lots of filming here. I'm sure that the quantity will eventually turn into quality and we'll an extraordinary result and influence on the image of the city," stressed Diana Popova, Director of the Department of Culture of Kyiv City State Administration.

"Kyiv has a unique mix of beautiful nature and architecture, in particular the Soviet one, which is worth preserving. The more we value the historical heritage in its original form, not changing it with repairs, the more filmmakers we attract," believes Eugenia Yatsuta, executive producer, co-owner and managing director of Radioaktive Film Studio.

Freedom: Cinema for Social Change opening of the program.

The program opened with a screening of Andrzej Wajda's "Man of Iron". The audience saw an already restored copy of the picture, which was demonstrated at this year's Cannes Festival - exactly 36 years after its receiving "Golden Palm" in Cannes.

Mustafa Dzhemilev and Zbigniew Bujak took part in the discussion after the screening. Mustafa Dzhemilev shared his own impressions of the picture: "It was impossible to realise that this film was released in the USSR. The Polish "Solidarity" brought its ideas not only to Poland, but to Ukraine as well, and we felt it in those times."

The director of the film - Andrzej Wajda was also mentioned. Zbigniew Bujak said about him: "He's an an intellectual who realized that there were different roles in society and he played this role of an intellectual who looks at the lives of different people and depicts it in films."

During the Maidan and the Crimean occupation, Zbigniew Bujak together with other Polish leaders, created the Solidarity Committee with Ukraine. However, the question about the cause of the apparent difference in the development of Ukraine and Poland answered as follows: "In Poland, there was a team organised to work on reforms in each field of the country."

Solemn ceremony "Molodist. Prologue-47".

At the opening ceremony of the festival "Molodist. Prologue" the guests walked  on a green carpet - a symbol of an updated festival, which will now take place in spring.

Molodist has always been a tuning fork of time and here in times of the Soviet Union one could do the things, impossible in Moscow. This year's festival for the first time opens with the Ukrainian picture - "Tevye's Daughters", and it's a victory comparing with the times when Molodist was just beginning and there was almost no Ukrainian cinema," told Andriy Khalpakhchi, Director General of the festival while opening the ceremony.

The team, headed by director Volodymyr Lert, arrived to present the film "Tevye's Daughters".

The film is based on stories of Sholem Aleichem "Tevye the Dairyman". The shooting took place in historic places near Kyiv, and details of the interior and costumes of that era were reproduced in trivia. The work on the film lasted for almost 5 years, and over 300 people worked on it.

"120 Beats Per Minute" and "T2 Trainspotting"

The day at Molodist has ended with a full house. Two super-premieres of the festival gathered such a crowd that Kyiv cinema barely contained all the spectators.

Tickets for the continuation of Danny Boyle's masterpiece were bought out a few days before.

The film is kindly provided by B&H.

The film "120 Beats Per Minute" was presented by Program Coordinator Bogdan Zhuk and Julien Ezanno, Counselor for CNC Relations (National Council for Motion Picture and Animation of France).

"This film won the second highest award in Cannes, as well as the Queer Palm prize," said Program Coordinator of the Festival Bogdan Zhuk.

"This film is produced with the support of our organization, the French Film Cinematography Foundation, and it is a kind of mature film for director Robin Campillo. Earlier, he shot smaller works." said Mr. Ezanno.

The film is kindly provided by Kinove. 

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