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47TH KYIV IFF "MOLODIST" -  27.05 - 03.06.18.



We are regularly asked questions about the Festival’s functioning. In this section we answer the most frequent of them.

When was the festival founded?
The festival was founded in 1970.

Where and when is the festival held?
The festival is held in Kyiv in the last decade of October each year. In 2017 the dates of the festival are from 21st till 29th of October. Cultural centre “Kyiv” Cinema” is currently a traditional festival centre. Festival screenings are also held at 3-5 other cinemas, such as “Zhovten’”, “Cinema City”, “Kinopanorama”, “Kyivs’ka Rus’”.

When is the time to apply for the competition?
Terms of application for the Festival’s competition program are constant yearly – 1st of February to 1st of July.
In any case, a new version of Festival regulations is published in the beginning of every year. It contains the most accurate information about the deadlines.
The same deadline is set for applications to the National Competition. For non-competition program the works by professional directors are mainly adopted. The decision about the inclusion to the competition or non-competition program is made by the Selection Committee for each movie individually.

Can one apply later on? Why not?
No, it is impossible. The Selection Committee needs time to watch all submitted films, the Editing Department – to prepare the catalogue and other information materials, the Program Department – to prepare the schedule of screenings and check out the screening copies for their compatibility with technical equipment of cinema halls, and the Guest Service has to arrange the arrival of Festival guests.
Thus, the Selection Committee is practically unable to review late applications.

Why does the Festival exist and what is its specificity?
Molodist IFF is an important event for both cinema lovers and professionals. Yearly, our Festival presents the best independent films from all over the world that usually skip the wide distribution.
The Program Department does its best to maintain the Festival’s qualitative development and to keep its status of an important international event discovering new names on the world level. Besides being the major event for Ukrainian cinema, Molodist has actuality for the local professional community. Featuring works of young filmmakers, the Competition program of the Festival becomes a starting platform for the young cinema of Eastern and Central Europe, thus Ukrainian filmmakers in particular are engaged in the world cinema process right away.

What movies does the festival screen?
The International Competition program of the Festival includes three sections: Student Films, Short Films and Full-Length Films. The Full-Length program features debut films, and other sections consist of fiction films, documentaries and animations. A film submitted for the competition has to be produced not earlier than “01” January of a year, preceding the year of the current Festival. For the National Competition program the films up to 45 minutes long, produced in Ukraine or in coproduction with Ukraine, are accepted.
In the course of non-competition program we show best movies from all over the world, within different geographic and thematic selections. Non-competition program also includes retrospectives of famous filmmakers and special events.

Who selects films?
Films submitted for the Festival are considered by the Selection Committee that consists of the Festival’s Program Department members and professional film critics. The list of the Selection Committee members is available on our website.

Why so few Ukrainian films are accepted?
Films of Ukrainian production are evaluated by the same criteria as foreign ones. In our opinion, any protectionism regarding Ukrainian cinema in films selection would do more harm than good.
Generally, currently such opinion, despite it can be heard sometimes, does not correspond to the actual situation. Several tens of Ukrainian films are demonstrated in the national competition program yearly. They are also regular participants of international competition program. And the festival also has separate non-competition program called “Ukrainian premieres”.
Let us remind that the Grand Prix of the 2010 Molodist was awarded to "My Joy", a debut feature film by a well-known documentary director Serhiy Loznitsa. It was made in Ukraine in co-production with Germany and the Netherlands.

How can the Ukrainian director participate in the Festival?
Ukrainian films could be screened in all competition sections as well as “Ukrainian premieres” non-competition program that yearly collects up to 5 full-length movies.

What are the media for film screenings?
Normally, DCP is a standard for the International Competition. In the National Competition films can be screened from HD.

What are the languages for film screenings?
All films are shown in the original language with both Ukrainian and English subtitles (i.e. local and international languages, which is a format accepted at international film festivals worldwide).
In case English is the film’s original language, it's screened with Ukrainian subtitles only.

Where can one buy tickets and what are the prices?
One can buy tickets at cash desks of cinemas that participate in the Festival. Ticket prices are similar to cinemas’ regular prices.

Is there a subscription for the Festival programs?
Our Festival hasn't been practicing the subscription for several reasons. However, we think about the possibilities to introduce the subscription in the nearest future.

Why buying tickets? Competition screenings used to be free!
Indeed, Molodist used to offer the free screenings. However, since that time non-competition programs have increased in number, requirements for the technical equipment rose, and the audience became more demanding.
Nowadays the Festival screenings take place in the capital's cinemas that, being commercial institutions, can't work for free.
The Festival itself is a cost-consuming event, so we cannot afford a large number of free screenings at the moment, although, some Retrospectives are shown for free, considered an educational activities. The Talent Workshop project traditionally runs for free.
There is another reason why paid screenings are in viewers' best interest: the festival becomes less dependent on the other sources of financing.

What is the international status of the Festival?
Molodist IFF is an only Ukrainian festival recognized by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF); it is listed among the 26 specialized international competitive IFFs.

How many guests come to the Festival every year?
About 200 people are an average number of guests. We invite the Festival participants, juries’ members, actors and directors. Many of them give workshops or present their new films to the viewers.

What is the Festival’s prize?
The winner film is awarded the Grand Prix, which is a statuette of "Scythian Deer" and USD 10,000 prize.
Each winner of International Competition section gets a prize of USD 2,000. And the winner of the National Competition is awarded with 50 000 UAH.

How can one support the Festival?
By visiting the Festival shows, inviting friends, making a film and submitting it to the competition. If you have time, work as a volunteer! If you have resources, you can become a festival partner.

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